Box blades are a tool that have a lot of uses around the homestead. If there's rough ground that needs to be leveled and prepared for seeding or a gravel driveway that has developed a "hump" or crown from years of use, a box blade can fix a those, and other, problems.

At first blush, there's not much difference between box blades, other than price. But, with most things, you get what you pay for. This video talks about the different options that are available so you know what you're buying. Most homeowners can get by with about the cheapest box blade you can find, but if you use it a lot, or you're in really rough terrain like I am in the Missouri Ozarks, a heavier built model may be worth the extra money. Many of the major manufacturers of box blades make an inexpensive model and a deluxe model. Some even have an intermediate line. I'll give you some tips on what to look for in the video so you get one that will work for you.

The second part of the video is me resurrecting an old driveway. When I first saw the driveway, and the box blade I borrowed to make the video, I frankly wasn't sure it would be a success. When I was done I was even surprised at how well it turned out.

If you're doing a huge amount of driveway work, or a business with a large gravel area, a better investment might be a grader blade. They look a little like a box blade but they're a lot longer and flatter, and they have a blade aimed forward followed by a blade aimed back. They'll do what I did on the video with one pass, versus having to back up to cut the crown then move forward to spread it out. They work really slick for leveling dirt as well. They are quite a bit more expensive, unless you could find a used one.

I have to say, I was really, REALLY proud of how well that old driveway looked when I finished. It' was about like the feeling you get when you're done brush hogging and you look back and think how pretty it is. That's the part of tractor ownership that makes most of us love having them and make me really enjoy doing these videos.


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