Four alleged arsonists have been arrested in connection with a fire set on the Hughes Ranch in Osage County, Oklahoma. The area of the ranch when this happened is where over 1,000 wild horses, part of the wild horse rescue program, are pastured.

The suspects were observed allegedly spreading a fire along a road causing it to travel across the adjacent pastures.

Arrested were James Tonsing, 24; Stephen Land, 26; Heather Land, 30; and Levi Farris, 20. The four alleged they saw the fire start along the road and were attempting to put it out. All four made bond and were released from the Osage County jail. A hearing has been set for April 29.

A spokesperson for the Hughes Ranch said, “Thank goodness none of the horses were hurt.”

The late John Hughes was instrumental in the implementation of the Wild Horse Preservation Program and also has horses at other locations in the area. £

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