SAV Elation 7899

SAV Elation 7899 became the highest-priced bull ever sold at public auction last week at a price of $800,000. Photo by Eric Grant.

The future of beef depends on the production of cattle that balance maternal, structural, performance and carcass quality traits —without sacrificing one over the others.

That basic premise held true in early February when history was made with the purchase of two leading Angus herd sires by Missouri and Arkansas ranchers whose focus is raising productive cows that produce high-value, high-quality calves.

The first was SAV Elation 7899 at the Schaff Angus Valley production sale in Saint Anthony, North Dakota. The bull was purchased for the world-record-setting, public auction price of $800,000 by Square B Ranch and David Bogle, Bogle Ranch LLC, of Bentonville, Arkansas. Schaff Angus Valley retained 20 percent interest and full possession of the herd bull.

“Elation marks the reintroduction of the Emulation line to the beef industry,” explained Kelly Schaff, owner of Schaff Angus Valley. “For decades, the Emulation line has led the industry for fertility, longevity, udder and feet quality —traits that are often overlooked by our industry but will be fundamentally important for the economic survival of cow-calf producers in the future.”

Notably, Elation is a son of Sinclair Emulation XXP, a linebred son of N Bar Emulation EXT, considered by many as the most influential Angus bull in modern times. XXP is also the son of a Pathfinder dam that is a maternal sister to the legendary N Bar Primrose 2424.

As a calf, Elation posted a 205-day weight of 1,052 pounds and a 365-day weight of 1,601 pounds. He ranks in the top 15 percent of the Angus breed for birth weight, top 2 percent for weaning weight, top 10 percent for yearling weight, top 3 percent for weaned calf value, top 15 percent for feedlot value and top 25 percent for beef value.

Semen will be available through Square B Cattle Company.

The second purchase was Mohnen Success 187, a son of SAV Seedstock 4838 and grandson of Connealy Thunder, at the Mohnen Angus Farms annual production sale in White Lake, South Dakota. The bull was purchased in partnership with Gerloff Farms, Bland, Missouri, and Hawk Angus Farms, Polk, Missouri, for $47,500.

Success had a low actual birth weight of 76 pounds, and then excelled to have an adjusted weaning weight of 913 pounds, and an adjusted yearling weight of 1,615 pounds. His EPDs rank in the top 5 percent for WW and YW; top 2 percent for scrotal; the top 1 percent for carcass weight; and top 5 percent for $B. His numbers also rank in the top 15 percent for calving ease maternal and ribeye area, and the top 10 percent for $W and $F.

Semen is available through Genex.

“Our goal has been to build our program through the use of proven genetics and strong maternal cow families,” said Brian Bell, owner of Square B Cattle Company. “We’re excited not only about what these bulls will do for us, but how they’ll help our commercial cattle customers balance maternal, structural soundness, growth and carcass as they look to add value, consistency and quality.”

An industry-leading bull battery

Elation and Success join one of the industry’s leading bull batteries at Square B Ranch, which includes these notable AI sires:

• SAV Rainfall 6846, a Coleman Charlo 0256 son that ranks in the top 25 percent for Calving Ease Direct, top 15 percent for WW and YW, and top 15 percent for $W and $F.

• Connealy Legendary 644L, a Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 son that ranks in the top 2 percent for CED, 10 percent for WW, YW, Heifer Pregnancy and $W, 4 percent for marbling and RE, top 2 percent for grid value, top 3 percent for Quality Grade and top 4 percent for $B.

• SAV Ancestry 6090, a son of SAV Pedigree 4834 that ranks in the top 5 percent of the breed for WW and the top 4 percent for YW EPDs.

• SAV Supercharger 6813, a son of SAV Recharge 3436 that ranks high in the breed for weaning and yearling performance as well as Yield Grade and $B.

• SAV Ambition 6458, a son of SAV Resource 1441, ranks in the top 10 percent of the breed for WW, YW, $W and $B.

• Connealy Conviction 6828, son of Hoover No Doubt; grandson of Connealy Consensus, has outstanding carcass numbers being in the top 1 percent for HP, top 5 percent for docility and 10 percent for marbling and is phenotypically excellent with a big hip, huge middle and ideal structure. £

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