10. Feed’s a bargain because they seem to be putting more than 50 pounds in those 50-pound sacks.

9. Farm machinery is quieter than it used to be — come to think of it, the cows don’t make as much noise, either.

8. You love your wife more than ever although she’s gotten bad about shrinking your clothes and even manages to shrink your belt.

7. The cows are getting plenty of hay because sometimes you forget and feed them twice.

6. People have respect for their elders and wait ‘til you’re out of earshot before they talk about how grouchy you are.

5. When your wife scolds you for not doing something she asked, you can honestly say you didn’t hear her.

4. You can carry a cushion with you into the sale barn because you no longer give a darn what anybody thinks.

3. You can say stuff that would’ve gotten you in trouble in the past and now folks just shake their heads and go on.

2. You get to lecture your grandkids about how, by golly when you were their age, you had to get up and walk over to the TV to change the channel.

1. You get to see your neighbors more often ‘cause they’re always stopping by to see if you’re ready to lease your ground.

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