Farm Talk's Top 10

10. You toss a dead possum as far out of the yard as you can and your retriever sees you do it.

9. It rains on your just-cut hay, skips the beans.

8. The message from the feedlot manager says, “You aren’t going to believe this…” and your phone drops the call.

7. You finally get the baler going again and your talk-forever-neighbor drops by.

6. You need a magnifying glass, metric conversion app, dictionary and the patience of Job to decipher the herbicide label.

5. The GPS tells you that you’ve made a wrong turn on the route you’ve been taking for 30 years.

4. At the salebarn, you realize you’ve been bidding against your partner.

3. You find that lost tool right after you buy a new one.

2. You’re starving and your wife decides you need a “healthy” meal.

1. The cows are out and your saddlehorse and stockdog are with them.

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