Farm Talk's Top 10

10. That cool breeze serves as an early warning indicator of imminent rivet failure on the back pocket of your jeans.

9. Squirrels incapable of treading water for long periods in the stock tank don’t go “bad” quite as quick.

8. The miracle product salesman who usually stays and stays literally chills out sooner and has to leave.

7. When you put on your hoodie for the first time you may find 10 bucks or the pocket knife you accused your son of losing.

6. With the leaves off the buckbrush, locust and sericea lespedeza, it’s a lot easier to count cows.

5. Scraping frost off the windshield also removes part of the filth you never wash off.

4. What a great morning to find out if the horsetrader was right when he said that gelding didn’t have an ounce of buck in him.

3. With mice moving into the house and traps to de-mouse, your wife has to admit you’re sometimes handy to have around.

2. Your hot fescue-grazing cows spend less time in the pond and they have a jump on their winter coats.

1. Your wish from last July about it cooling off finally comes true.

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