10. Those cute new sandals you bought? Probably not a good choice for the livestock barns.

9. If you’re blocking an alley to stop a runaway pig, keep your knees together.

8. That primo parking spot you were surprised to get? It’s the manure pit.

7. Kids plus deep-fried Snickers and funnel cakes plus the tilt-a-whirl equals a very bad idea.

6. If you think you have a completely new and unique complaint, the folks from the fair board would love to hear it.

5. You used to be able to ID the carneys by their tattoos. Not so much anymore.

4. The restroom facilities — well, what did you really expect?

3. So, yes, your husband was right — the Boer- Fainting Goat cross was a bad idea.

2. Those hair care products you lent out? You don’t want them back.

1. You’re not the first mother of the kid whose runaway steer dragged the miracle knife guy’s tent all the way downtown.

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