10. He can tell you the day bean planting started back in ‘88 but he’s a little hazy on his wedding anniversary.

9. The tag number of every cow on the place is easy — the names of his nieces and nephews, not so much.

8. The starting time of the farm sale is indelibly etched in his mind but the time of his daughter’s dance recital somehow slips away.

7. He memorizes every switch and button in the new combine but that TV remote control is another story.

6. His mind is a steel trap when it comes to which cutting of hay is stacked where but finding the shirt hanging right in front of him is a challenge.

5. The location of the pry bar that gets used a few times a year is second nature but he paws through three cupboards to find a frying pan.

4. His recipes for weed control concoctions are exact but when he has to make coffee, he just keeps dumping the stuff in ‘til the level looks familiar — and adds one more tablespoon.

3. He can remember to ask his wife to stop for parts but forget to tell her he invited the seed dealer to stay for supper.

2. No way will he forget to take mineral to the cows but the chances he’ll remember to carry the 50-lb. bag of dog food in from the car for his wife are pretty poor.

1. Memories of his son getting into trouble at school are vivid; the fact he was guilty of similar antics fade into the mist.

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