Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Abstain from chasing the neighbor’s mongrel bull out of your pasture with your pickup when you’re over-caffeinated.

9. Refrain from insulting the guy at the parts counter during harvest.

8. Never again stick a syringe in your back pocket while working cattle.

7. Avoid buying a horse because he’s pretty and seems to like you.

6. Stop being critical of other people’s kids until yours have either won the Nobel Peace Prize or moved far, far away.

5. Call the vet while a cow still has a majority of her feet on the ground.

4. Make sure the electric fence is intact prior to running the rotary mower alongside it.

3. Stop throwing tools when angry, particularly in tight spaces and around windows.

2. Do not leave your mobile phone in your shirt pocket when cleaning a water tank.

1. Stop the combine when you hear the first bang-zing-kerplunk even if you’re only a hundred feet from the end of the row.

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