Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Your high-tech baler’s alarm is going off but it’s unclear if you’re out of twine, due for service or in the path of a tornado.

9. The hay’s been rained on so many times there may be more nutritional value in the net-wrap.

8. Remember that clacking sound the baler was making last year? It’s louder now — a lot louder.

7. Talk radio has you so wound up you mow/condition the hot wire keeping the cows out of the alfalfa.

6. The county agent said “the incident” was caused by increased metabolic activity of microorganisms — the rural fire department just said to be more careful.

5. If not for the johnsongrass, the bales would be a quarter-mile apart.

4. Mowing around last year’s bales poses a challenge for the guy raking.

3. The neighbor’s baler is bigger, shinier, faster and capable of making multiple rounds without repairs.

2. Judging by the bale trail, the kid you hired to haul-in is texting.

1. Bees—lots of bees.

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