Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Deluxe easy chair with built-in mini-fridge and remote control zip-tied to the arm.

9. Slatted floor in the mudroom.

8. Video monitors throughout the house with feeds from the lambing shed and anhydrous storage.

7. Roofed tractor parking within steps of the back door.

6. Display cases suitable for the best darn cap collection in the Midwest.

5. Bathroom stocked with grease rags, Lava, Udder Balm and the cheapest shampoo available.

4. Living room art includes pictures of old tractor, new tractor and favorite cow.

3. Telescope next to the porch swing for checking on deer, prowlers and neighbor activities.

2. Office/welding room for when it’s just too darn cold outside.

1. Double kitchen refrigerator — beer on one side, animal health products and bait on the other. 

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