Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Mixing up the herbicides for your herbicide-tolerant soybeans — yeah, the field right by the road.

  9. Explaining to the auctioneer that you were swatting a mosquito, not making the winning bid on a set of walking dead cows.

  8. Staring at “Project Runway” because your wife is gone and you can’t figure out which remote does what.

  7. Asking your neighbor with the rusty old equipment to come over and finish up baling because your shiny new baler is stone cold busted.

  6. After your big coffee shop speech on the evils of the federal debt, you realize you don’t have a dime on you and have to borrow a dollar from your liberal buddy.

  5. Watching the stock dog you paid way too much for run the steers through the fence.

  4. Having the gelding you’re trying to sell prove you wrong after bragging that you can catch him anytime, anywhere.

  3. Seeing your field in the county agent’s Power Point presentation on noxious weeds.

  2. Raising the devil with the neighbor because his bull is in your pasture and then finding out that your steers are in his corn.

  1. Asking your 12-year old grandson for help figuring out your new phone.

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