Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Wildlife: You may not have time to deer hunt but you could assemble a skeleton from the pieces your dog has dragged into the front yard.

9. Glamour: Nothing says hot chic like coveralls with manure splatters and insulation coming out the rips.

8. Animal husbandry: What’s more satisfying than upgrading a set of Gulf Coast tail-draggers? Well, except for a few that go down instead of up.

7. Mechanical challenges: Heck, right now there’s a tractor in the shed crying out for several thousand dollars worth of mechanical tinkering.

6. The Great Outdoors: If you have a favorite temperature you’re bound to hit it somewhere between 20 below and 105.

5. Independence: Make your own decisions with no influence from anyone, except maybe the government, your lender, your landlord...

4. Continuing Education: Heck, just this week you learned precision ag devices react poorly to being thumped on.

3. Fame: People are still talking about the time you forgot to plant that north 80.

2. Family: How can you beat working with your kids, especially when they have so many examples of what you’ve been doing wrong since they got back from college?

1. Fellowship: Your farmer/rancher neighbors are the finest people on the planet — except for the one trying to lease some ground out from under you.

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