Farm Talk's Top 10

10. The two-track path across the pasture is now a four-lane.

9. There’s a little stuck, a lot stuck and all you can see of the tractor is the cab stuck.

8. A muddy lot is a great place to take the vinegar out of your green-broke gelding — and, if it doesn’t work out, a lot softer place to land.

7. Hard pan? What hard pan?

6. You could get stuck going through the car wash in town.

5. Mud sucks, literally, as in “sucks the boots right off your feet.”

4. That little wet spot in the field has grown to about 80 acres.

3. So where the heck does gravel go, anyway?

2. The feedlot cattle have hit target weight, but only if you include a hundred pounds of mud balls.

1. Your cows seemed a lot taller last fall.

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