Farm Talk's Top 10

10. “University Extension Poison Ivy Research Nursery”

9. “Land Patrolled by Slightly Nuts Brahman-Watusi Bull with 103 Speed Index”

8. “Rabid Squirrel Quarantine Area”

7. “Ground Leased by Game Warden”

6. “Small Arms Test Range — Action in Progress”

5. “Welcome. Enter to Receive Religious Pamphlets and Testimony”

4. “Please Swipe Major Credit Card and Smile for Photo Surveillance”

3. “C’mon In! — One Hour Hunting for One Hour Rock Hauling”

2. “Toxic Waste Receiving Area”

1. “The Mushrooms are Poison, the Fish are Wormy, the Wild Flowers Have Been Sprayed, the Quail and Turkeys Split and the Deer Have Been Dehorned"

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