Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Quarantine: Well, I believe what Dad actually said was, “You’re grounded!”

9. Hand Washing: When you have a date after working pigs all day, that Lava-Clorox scrubbing with a copious spritz of Brut kills any virus.

8. Social Distancing: You just don’t get much more socially-distanced than a tractor, a 4-bottom plow and an endless universe of corn stalks.

7. Masks: Wearing a big red handkerchief while cleaning out horse stalls on those too-wet-for-fieldwork Saturdays.

6. Limiting Social Contact: Dodging the ol’ man so you can sneak to the house and catch part of American Bandstand before lunch.

5. Cough Into Your Elbow: If you’d been doing what we’d been doing you sure as heck didn’t want to cough into your hand.

4. Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces: Well, that’s probably not applicable.

3. Consult an Authority if You Have Symptoms: “You don’t look very (darn) sick to me.”

2. Exercise Outdoors: Choose working behind the baler over the haymow if given the option.

1. Good Hygiene: Having your mouth washed out with soap counts, doesn’t it?

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