Farm Talk's Top 10

10. The first of 10,000 potentially yield-crushing diseases are hitchhiking up from Texas.

9. You remove your first tick from a darned inconvenient location.

8. Your wife makes you aware that 2,4-D kills daffodils as well as henbit.

7. The city folks who moved in down the road are complaining about your bull doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

6. Your 20-something gelding is shedding and — man — he’s skinnier than you thought.

5. It’s time to start moving the 27 pieces of equipment parked in front of the planter.

4. Calves are old enough that you can see that, yeah, the neighbor’s mongrel, former bucket calf, bull spent some time in your pasture.

3. On the positive side, only his calves aren’t scouring.

2. It’s almost officially too late to do all the things you planned to do over the winter.

1. The only person praying harder for good planting weather is your seed dealer.

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