Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Depending on their age, they are absolutely fascinated, or totally grossed out, by the dead possum in the yard.

9. They take gravel you just put on the driveway and throw it in the pond you just cleaned out.

8. They leave your new rod and reel out by the pond and it becomes attached to the dog who drags it around for 45 minutes before getting hung up in the fence.

7. For five minutes, they ride the pony you’ve been feeding, haying and barely tolerating for years.

6. The older ones immediately inquire about Wi-Fi availability.

5. They assume the coyote howls are country sirens.

4. Your son/daughter gets all freaked out because you let their kids do the very same things they did at the same age.

3. They flip every switch, button and lever on the tractor.

2. They play a Transformers version of ‘king of the mountain’ on big round bales and, of course, one of them crashes.

1. They always — always — choose to climb over the gate on the non-hinge side.

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