Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Discuss reward for whomever gets the neighbor’s Jersey X Mexican fighting bull out of the heifer pasture (dead or alive?).

9. Henceforward, the company will no longer assume any liability for ear lobe-related injuries to hoop earring-wearing employees.

8. Dialogue regarding complaints the feed truck siren has been heard on Main Street at 1 a.m.

7. Reminder: Only one employee (Dad) is cleared to gab for hours to neighbors, salespersons, etc., during business hours.

6. Consideration of something more permanent than a chalkboard to record field/herbicide applications or banning grandkids from the office.

5. Cash settlement or replacement of neighbor’s exotic chickens traumatized by stock dog?

4. Thumbs up or down on Facebook friend requests.

3. Whose turn is it to calm down the urban landlord who’s freaking out about cutting down “all those cute little Christmas trees?”

2. Will the cost of replacing the field gates negate the economic efficiency of getting a wider corn head?

1. Draw straws for who has to be “boss” next month.

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