Farm Talk's Top 10

10. You find that newborn calf and then its mother finds you — new 100-yard dash record for rough terrain in cowboy boots.

9. Listen to the noon markets — no exercise involved but it gets your heart rate up.

8. Bidding at the sale barn counts as exercise only if the cow you’re bidding on comes over the top rail.

7. Accidentally lock your keys in the truck out in the far pasture so you have to walk home for the spare set.

6. Calisthenics — isn’t that a lot like sorting calves?

5. Always forget something when you climb into the combine so you have to do it twice.

4. Advanced yoga positions are an absolute necessity to get that baler fixed.

3. When you get mad at a stubborn nut, throw your wrench as far as you can — and then retrieve it if possible.

2. Doing a rain dance is great cardio, but you might want to do it where you can’t be seen from the road.

1. Open tractor + hornets in the hayfield = aerobics.

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