Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Plenty of stuffing — of course you’ll need a 50-gallon bucket and a plunger with an extension.

9. Hamburger yams — if Burger King can make hamburger from plants, you can make plants from hamburger.

8. With a couple of pens in the feedlot, you need to do whatever you can to prop up the market.

7. Those horns’ll make a darn fine centerpiece.

6. The bones ought to take care of the dogs for a week or two.

5. Turns out the whole Thanksgiving turkey thing got started because feuding order buyers at the Plymouth Rock Sale Barn drove beef prices sky-high.

4. Leftover red meat or leftover white meat — easy choice.

3. No tryptophan so you’ll fall asleep at halftime instead of the first quarter.

2. New checkoff campaign: Beef. It’s What’s for (Thanksgiving) Dinner.

1. Twice the drumsticks!

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