10. How can you retire when your 88-year old father is still plugging away?

9. You have enough collateral to farm one more year.

8. Your wife has lots of “plans” for your golden years.

7. The guilt from eating free doughnuts at Extension meetings would just be too much.

6. That son of yours is pretty smart but, without your wisdom and experience, he’ll go broke.

5. This just might be the year when everything clicks.

4. Since you added a step to the tractor, you’re good to go for a while.

3. It would be tough watching cows go through the ring without buying one once in a while.

2. You want to see one more up-cycle.

1. As long as there’s someone else to unload the feed, chase the cows, figure out all that computerized stuff and pick up whatever your drop, why the heck would you retire? £

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