Farm Talk's Top 10

10. There’s a pecan tree growing up through a disc in the machine shed which makes it tough to gather nuts.

9. The horse barn has settled so much the only other option is to switch to Shetlands.

8. The experiment to use the barn’s original hay pulley system to get big round bales into the loft resulted in a flattened pickup.

7. You have to drag everything out of the machine shed to get to the implement you need.

6.  When it rains, you carry an umbrella while working in the shop.

5. Since you can’t get parts for your 2-row ear corn picker, you may have to invest in bins with solid sides.

4. Legend has it that Grandpa’s ‘27 Packard is in that barn somewhere.

3. It’ll be worth something to add “been shedded” to your used equipment classified ads.

2. The only thing propping up the roof is that faded orange pull-type combine way back in the corner.

1. Who knew the backyard would be the only place for the feeding floor lagoon?

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