Farm Talk's Top 10

10. County 4-H agent has breakdown; joins carnival; never heard from again.

9. Argument over campground site results in impromptu RV demo derby.

8. Schwan’s sticker on bottom of winning pie plate brings allegations of sabotage.

7. Runaway steer makes it all the way downtown dragging miracle knife sharpener tent.

6. Grand champ lamb actually exceeds original purchase price in premium sale.

5. Out-of-control water fight erases champ Hamp’s belt.

4. Horse project parents agree on everything.

3. Deputies escort order-buyer steer show judge out of town for his own safety.

2. Boer-Fainting goat cross half-way collapses when crowd applauds.

1. First-time fair mom blocking aisle ends up riding pig backwards into show ring.

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