Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Hoop earrings, horned bull in the chute, bad combination.

9. You have to explain to the vet that the cow with hardware disease might be the result of a lost hangy-down earring.

8. They don’t sell them at the farm store.

7. Sunlight glinting off your diamond droplet spoils shot on 10-point buck.

6. Guy walking the fairgrounds with a metal detector follows you everywhere.

5. Too tempting to take the next step to an insecticidal ear tag.

4. Fellas at the salebarn think your emerald stud is a glob of manure.

3. Someone at a cattle show may mistake your earring for a bull’s nose ring.

2. Matching earrings with your ‘outfit’ slows down getting ready in the morning.

1. Seed companies don’t give away earrings.

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