Farm Talk's Top 10

10. Some call it inefficient reproduction, you call it year-round cash flow.

9. Big forage savings since they’re in the neighbor’s pasture half the time.

8. They stimulate the local economy because you run to town for extra panels every time you gather.

7. If the beef market operates on averages, man, you’re ahead of the game.

6. They exist on sericea and prickly pear so they’ll follow a big round bale anywhere.

5. They either live a long time or it just seems like a long time.

4. Poor disposition, yeah, but rustlers and coyote problems are rare.

3. Every-other-year calvers reduce forage demands and bull requirements.

2. They’ve developed some of the best day cowboys in the country.

1. Order buyers can’t possibly add up all the discounts in the 30 seconds your calves are in the ring.

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