10. Thermal expansion: of your Wife’s blood pressure, when she finds out what you paid for that Blue-Heeler puppy.

9. Fracture Mechanics: of the shattered cab glass of your grain cart tractor, from the same tow rope that taught you about tensile strength in #7.

8. Velocity and Ductility: of that tree branch that just whizzed by your ear, you guaranteed would fall the other direction, due to your expert tree notching skills. Plus, how formable your pick-up tailgate is, from the load applied.

7. Tensile Strength: you exceeded, of that old tow rope you used trying to pull out that “barely stuck” tractor and grain cart.

6. Fluid Mechanics: the science of pressure and volume, from that broken hydraulic hose that just sprayed you, the entire tractor cab and every open seed box.

5. Electrical Conductivity: when you inserted a welding rod into the stinger with wet, sweaty gloves.

4. Viscosity: your Vet learned, when you forgot to tell her those heifers getting preg checked, just came off some very lush wheat pasture.

3. Aerodynamics: the properties of lift and drag, while trying to tarp the old grain truck, in the middle of the gust-front from the approaching storm during wheat harvest.

2. Impact Resistance: of your forehead compared to that 2-inch pipe gate, that wild heifer just kicked.

1. Static Coefficient of Friction: when attempting to pull the two, 5-gallon feed buckets apart the grandson sat on.

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