10. You can ID the sound of the school bus, the neighbor’s pickup, the UPS guy and a dozen other vehicles from half-a-mile away.

9. And, depending on who it is, you may hide-out in the barn ‘til they go away.

8. At any given time, at least one member of the family is in town, on the way to town or returning from town.

7. Hot-wiring the yard for grazing is a discussion you and your wife have annually — which you lose.

6. You’re comfortable going outside in the middle of the night in your underwear to check to see if you turned the water off.

5. Your picnic table has baler parts on it.

4. You can stop in the middle of the road to talk to your neighbor without causing traffic problems.

3. A faint breeze causes your electricity to go out.

2. You have, on occasion, had a sick colt, calf, lamb or pig in your kitchen.

1. With a smorgasbord of electronic devices inside and horses, boat and four-wheeler outside, your kids complain there’s nothing to do “out here.”

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