Farm Talk's Top 10

10. A three-year old will repeat “Dad’s words” during those moments when all goes quiet in a public place.

 9. A new .22 — you’re going to find some holes in stuff you prefer unholey.

 8. Who’d have thought a kid that size could start a tractor, let alone get it in gear?

 7. Never tell a teenager to finish a field before he or she can go to town. Always specify quitting time — unless you just want to see how much stress the equipment will handle.

 6. A little kid may tell a whopper about leaving the gate open but will go all honest Abe correcting your excuse to the preacher about missing church.

 5. Be wary of trial balloon explanations — the mud embedded in the grill of his or her first vehicle did not come from potholes in the school parking lot.

 4. Kid-broke horses aren’t as much fun as far shorter rides on sows and cows.

 3. The kid may be a heckuva mechanic someday, but today, super-gluing baler parts together is a little annoying.

 2. A weekend with the grandparents and all the disciplinary lessons are right out the window.

 1. Yeah, they do pretty much the same stuff you did at that age.

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