10. The stunning beauty of a country sunset, on a partly cloudy evening. Oh heck, any evening.

9. The squealing joy of a 2-year-old in a 6-foot stock tank, filled a little deeper than his mother said.

8. The patriotic pride of that mature bald eagle choosing “your” cottonwood tree, to spend some time in.

7. The smells of fresh mowed hay, deep tilled farm ground and rain.

6. The clarity of the constellations and milky way on a moonless night, far away from the light pollution of town.

5. The melancholy of a coyote’s song, on a still night.

4. The humor of the “organic hat” Mamma Cow just gave Junior, who used the “back door” instead of one of the “side doors” for supper.

3. The welding skills learned from your high school vo-ag teacher, that now saves you $100 per hour.

2. The utter undying unselfishness of Mom, who always had 3 clean rowdy kids ready before the bus got there, who never missed a twice daily milking of 30 Holsteins in 17 years and who brush hogged way too many acres of milo stalks on a tractor with no cab.

1. Sorry, couldn’t see to write #1. Got a little dusty in here writing #2.

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