10. Armadillo blight: possums on the half-shell rooting up your pasture.

10. Your high-tech baler’s alarm is going off but it’s unclear if you’re out of twine, due for service or in the path of a tornado.

10. You toss a dead possum as far out of the front yard as you can and your retriever sees you do it.

10. The neighbor gets a new yellow truck — nope, it’s just covered with pollen.


Cow-calf producers can add significant value to calves prior to sale. A careful look at the auction reports reveals the value of calf production and marketing practices. Hopefully bull calves were castrated at branding time or earlier but, if not, castration should be done in plenty of time …


Winter wheat is used for grain-only, forage-only or dual-purpose systems targeting cattle grazing and grain production. In the Southern Plains, stocker producers interested in grazing winter wheat pastures often begin planting wheat in late August or early September. The desire to jump-start…